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Holding Fast the Faithful Word in an Unfaithful World

                                CHRIST HONORING MUSIC

In our world we see many things happening that are troubling to the soul of the dedicated, separated Christian.  Though we could mention many of these things, we will mention the sad condition and direction of the churches and individuals concerning music.        
Many testimonies are given as to the poor choice of direction in the churches around our nation that would call themselves fundamental, independent, Bible-believing, Baptist churches, as well as "Neo-Evangelical" churches.  It seems that even those who at one time took a stand on godly music are now succumbing to the movement to the left in the contemporary Christian style of music.  This is a sad commentary of the direction of the churches.  Just recently there was an advertisement in one of our fundamental papers which made the statement about the church as  "hymns singing."  Some would ask the question as to what is wrong with that.  The answer is that it is sad that the church felt the need of even mentioning this.  You see, so many others are going the direction of allowing worldly music into their church that we who are standing firm and continuing to sing the hymns in our service and keeping modernism out of our music program must let everyone know that by stating the fact.  It used to be that when you said "fundamental, independent, Bible-believing Baptist" everyone understood what that was, but this is not the case anymore.  How sad!
Here at Bible Way we have and will continue to stand for old fashioned preaching, old fashioned soul-winning and old fashioned music.  No, you will not hear the modern "praise choruses" in our services.  Yes, you will hear the people of God praising God with instruments and at the top of their voices from the bottom of the hearts, and fortunately, we would classify ourselves with the other church as "hymns singing."
 Proverbs 22:28  "Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set."


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