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King James Bible Resource Page 


Thank you stopping by this page. I have thought about putting this together for some time and decided now was the time.  I have a number of folks ask over the years about which Bible is the best, why we hold to the King James Bible and is it worth all the trouble. I have given varying answers to each of these questions and have tried to provide resources for them to look at in their own study time.


There are basically two reasons for putting this information on here:


1) I believe there is a failure in many otherwise good churches to address this issue. They relegate it to a divisive teaching/position and stear clear of it. What is interesting is that many have no trouble speaking ill of those preachers who hold firmly that the King James is the word of God.  


2) The bookstores -especially the one near the church - do not carry all of the material or any for that matter advocating for the King James. This is one of the reasons I opened a bookstore at Bible Way.


Back in 1994 when I first got saved I was confronted by someone who took issue with my comparing the a King James Bible to a modern one. Much the same story today the brethren have a time of it while correcting, updating and such the Authorized Version of the Reformation they allow for very little if any comparison to the new versions. One can only wonder the mess Christianity will be in in the next twenty years or so. As it is we already starting to see the fallout.


Below is a list of resources that I have used from time-to-time. Although there may be varying differences in other areas their commitment to the word of God is refreshing. And I will be updating the radio broadcast section with the sermons on the KJV and other related issues.


1) Timothy S. Morton  -  Which Translation Should You Trust?

2) Timothy S. Morton - Answering the Unanswerable 

3) Laurence Vance  -  Vance Publications

4) Jack McElroy -  Which Bible Would Jesus Use

5)  Chick Publications - Why King James Only

6)  Dr. Douglas Stouffer -  One Book Stands Alone 

7) Dr. Sam Gipp - The Answer Book 

8) David Cloud - Textual issues, texts and other considerations - Biblical Texts/Versions

9)  Dean Burgon's works - You have to scroll to bottom of page -  Dean Burgon Society

10 Bookstore carrying King James and other related material -   King James Bookstore

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