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I believe the ecumenism/apostasy in many churches today is in direct proportion to the liberal/apostate literature and music that is flooding the marketplace of mainstream Christianity.


To counteract this a revival of classic  books and music must take place. Obviously they will be conservative in nature and will deal with the current  condition of many churches today. 


On January 1st we will begin the Bible Way Bookstore. The vision for this bookstore is in line with the vision Bible Way has for this area - to provide solid spiritual material to equip, prepare and strengthen today's Bible Believing Christian.


We are Baptists in polity, doctrine (Premillennial, Dispensational etc) philosophy and of course the Bible, therefore the literature that will be carried will be in accordance with those standards. I believe it is our duty to search out our Baptist heritage (for example, Baptists are not Protestants/Reformers. Many do not realize that Baptists were persecuted by the Protestant/Reformers), doctrinal beliefs, our stand on the Bible and wholesome Christian music. By doing this we will provide good books so that folks can not make informed decisions about their faith, but be able to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.


It has been my experience of the last 18 years that there is a notable bias against those who hold to the KJV and this is both seen and heard in the bookstores, radio and other outlets, pulpits included. The libel against Bible Believers has been that they are trouble makers, divisive, uncharitable and church splitters. Reading history will expose who the real enemy is. It is for this reason  we will be carrying books that advocate for the King James Bible showing the line of corruption leading up to the new translations and the heart of the argument -PRIDE.


The bookstore will be starting off small and in time will grow into a service provided, not only locally, but through the internet and then its own location. Check back for further updates.

Pastor Tim





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