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Holding Fast the Faithful Word in an Unfaithful World


Governer Baker has set the limits for church gatherings to 40% of capacity which as far as numbers go allows for 120 in attendance at any given service. We were averaging between 80 and 90 leading into this and suspect it will be lower throughout the upcoming months. 


We have done our part to set up the sanctuary to be conducive to the distancing rules set forth by the Governor and will monitor things going forward. We have masks and hand sanitizer available as well.  


Congregants will be dismissed to the outside after each service. Those who are 65 and older will be dismissed first and then each row after.  


There will be no gathering in the vestibule for fellowship. With the warmer weather folks should meet outside to exchange pleasantries and such.


The services will be held at 11:00 Sunday Morning and 6 PM Sunday Night.  Wednesday will remain at 6 PM.  


The nursing homes did cancel our scheduled meetings for this month. We will follow up next month to see if we can resume. This is based on their estimates and not ours.


We are still waiting for the internet to be installed here at the church. They completed the first phase of that. In the interim we are recording all three services and uploading those to the YouTube channel.


We have our other meetings on line using zoom and our shutins are looked after. 


With all the media influence and the justifiable lack of confidence in them and government, it's no wonder there are extremes on both sides of this issue.  The truth lies somewhere in between.


We live and walk by the principle of faith and  praise be to God for his immutability, comfort and sovereignty.


We have Jesus Christ as our sure anchor and our hope especially during times such as these. Our faith and confidence rests in him and his perfect word. Rom 15:4




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