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Going on the third year since we have started Auburn Bible Institute it is encouraging to see God's hand in these programs. Starting with Old Testament Survey we have now increased our course matter to include Baptist Doctrines which is a 4 part series and Manuscript Evidence I & II.

Next year's courses will include Baptist Doctrines part II and III (spring and fall semester) and History of Israel. I am grateful to see the amount of interest in these courses.  Both classes have a lively student body with plenty of classroom discussion and a healthy dose of personal experience, which only enhances the overall learning experience of each  the student.  For example, one student uncovered in her research for an essay on King James Only defenders that some who advocate for the King James are not really King James only, they actually believe that the Textus Receptus is superior and that even the King James Bible is subject to errors. This is  in blatant disregard to the doctrinal teaching of  preservation. This position also negates the Bible as the only authority and sets up multiple authorities. On another note many churches in their doctrinal statements regarding their position on the Bible state that they believe in the infallible inerrant word of God "in the original autographs" but NOT the one they hold in their hand. They will give a good song and dance, but what it comes down to is this, they do not believe the Bible they hold in their hand is the word of God. They believe it has mistakes and is subject to the whims of the scholar again creating multiple authorities.

It is my conviction and the conviction of many others that it is the responsibility of the local church to train up workers for the ministry. Far too many young people are being sent off to Christians colleges and seminaries only to return with questionable beliefs in the Bible and firm convictions regarding their heritage and sound doctrine. This I believe contradicts the plain teaching of scripture and paves the way for apostasy many churches including Baptist.

With God's help we will continue to do what we know is right, holding fast the faithful word of God and committing unto faithful men to the work of the ministry. - Pastor Tim

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